Kool Club


KOOL CLUB is an inclusive Youth Club that runs 10am-4pm on Saturdays throughout the year in Totnes, for young people aged 14-25 with learning disabilities who want something a bit different. The club offers a relaxed and supportive environment for young people to make friends and develop life skills through a variety of activities, in a dedicated youth space and out in the community. Our activities are varied: Anything from cooking a healthy meal together to days out at a theme park, theatre trips to Exeter or a day at the beach. We travel by bus, train and boat!

“The activities are well thought out and take into account the young people’s age and level of ability. The staff are experienced and thoughtful and can cope with anything! My son always has a great day out and I know he will be well looked after and happy.”

Our staff have many years’ experience working with young people with learning disabilities in educational and social care settings. We are passionate about what we do, believing that young people should have a voice and the opportunity to participate. We encourage and support our young people to enjoy new experiences, build skills and confidence as they prepare for adulthood.

“It’s fantastic! You get to hang out with your friends and make some new ones.”



Kool Club Visits Westminster Easter 2017 (click to read)



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